Vol. XVI, Issue 1

January 4, 2017

Annual Tax Reporting Forms

Wespath will mail the following 2016 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax reporting forms to participants no later than January 31, 2017:

The following tax reporting forms will also be mailed to participants on the dates noted:

A copy of the tax documents sent to participants via mail will be available online at benefitsaccess.org at the end of January. After logging in, go to “My Benefits,” then select the drop-down next to Retirement Benefits and choose “Tax Forms.” Form 480.7C will not be available online and will be sent via U.S. mail.

Participants who cannot access their U.S. tax forms online or who wish to receive a copy of Form 480.7C, can contact Wespath at 1-800-851-2201.

Center for Health Resources for the New Year

The Center for Health has published a new Toolkit to help with Tobacco Cessation. The Tobacco Cessation Toolkit contains four printable pieces that provide tools for participants and their families to kick the tobacco habit. There are links to free resources, replacement therapy information and reasons to quit for all individuals, whether a participant in HealthFlex or not.

The Center for Health has also published its latest Center for Health Newsletter—a tool to support you and your population’s “path to well-being”, with useful and practical information based on the five dimensions of well-being and the influence each dimension has on the others. This quarter’s issue focuses on the emotional dimension, and how things like forgiveness and gratitude can help your heart.

Each issue has two printable bulletins to share with congregations or other groups.

Click here to read the January issue.

The toolkit and newsletter are not being sent directly to participants either electronically or via regular mail, so please share. Feel free to post the documents or links on your conference or relevant websites.

Contact Leah Holzwarth at 1-847-866-5199 or Anne Borish at 1-847-866-4566 with questions or comments.

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