Vol. XIX, Issue 9

March 5, 2020

Comprehensive Benefit Fund Plan Webinar Recording

Wespath hosted webinars to demonstrate the Comprehensive Benefit Fund Plan application on February 20 and 25. A recording of one of the webinars is now available for those unable to attend either session.

What's Your 2020 Vision? Webinar Series Begins

Last week, Wespath kicked off it’s 2020 webinar series—"What's Your 2020 Vision"—with UMPIP—A Focus on Savings. We would appreciate your help promoting the 2020 webinar series within your conference to support our participant education efforts.

New this year, we offered mini-webinars for participants who would like more information on topics covered during the longer presentation. There are four mini-webinars available, with more planned in the coming months.

Debt Reduction
This presentation is designed to look at the causes of debt and help you find ways to strategically pay it off.

Cash Flow and Budgeting
This presentation is designed to explain the concepts of cash flow and budgeting, and show viewers how to apply that knowledge to take control of their financial futures.

HSA—To Spend or Not to Spend
This presentation is designed to explain the ways a health savings account (HSA) can help participants save on today's taxes and health care expenses, and on future retirement expenses.

Saving Money on Healthcare
This presentation is designed to offer tips and tricks for saving on healthcare costs—such as by using generic drugs, asking for discounts and shopping smart for healthcare services.

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