Vol. XX, Issue 49

November 2, 2021

2022 Eligible to Retire Communications

This week, letters and electronic communications will be sent to all participants who will become eligible to retire in 2022. This letter introduces new features to our LifeStage Retirement Income program available in 2022. A webinar explaining how these new features can help each participant maximize their retirement income will be hosted by Wespath on Wednesday, December 8.

Additional Participant Communications

During the week of November 8, we will begin to communicate the new features of the LifeStage Retirement Income program to current retirees who are not yet receiving income from their Wespath administered DC accounts. This communication is designed to ensure participants who are considering starting their DC account distributions in 2022 are aware of the new features as some may want to consider delaying their decisions until these new features are available. A webinar about LifeStage Retirement Income and the new features will be available for this group of retirees on Tuesday, December 7.

You will learn more about these new features in the upcoming Mini-Conference Forum on November 18.

FAQs about LifeStage Retirement Income and the new features coming in 2022 are available here.

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