Vol. XXI, Issue 28

June 2, 2022

Partnering with Wespath Institutional Investments

If organizations in your conference are looking to invest their endowment assets, look no further than Wespath Institutional Investments, a Wespath subsidiary that provides mission-aligned investment services for Methodist institutional investors. This brief video shares more.

Communications to Participants

This week we sent an age-targeted invitation to attend the June 22 UMPIP webinar to both lay and clergy. The lay version featured additional articles about retirement savings and EY Financial Planning Services. Click here to view the lay version targeted to the 50+ age group.

Adoption Agreements for 2023

If your annual conference meeting will occur before the end of June, we request that you adhere to the normal annual timing for submitting 2023 adoption agreements to ensure fall actuarial reports reflect the final 2023 Past Service Rates (PSR). If the rates are not final due to a delayed annual conference meeting, please send an email to your Client Relationship Manager by June 28 indicating the estimated PSR that you want Wespath to use for the actuarial valuation, then submit the adoption agreement later with your PSR that was confirmed at annual conference.

Please complete and submit the following documents:

If you are making changes to CRSP or UMPIP for 2023, complete and submit:

If you are not making changes to CRSP or UMPIP, you do not need to submit adoption agreements for those plans for 2023; your current elections will continue to apply.

If you need assistance, please contact:

*If your annual conference is interested in adopting UMPIP Automatic Features for the first time effective January 1, 2023, please contact Sue Peterson at 1-847-866-4229 or speterson@wespath.org.

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